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Hi I'm Dr. Carl Zaycosky, and this is my way of sharing the resources, insight, and experience I've gained in my years as a chiropractor. I hope they help you chart a course toward whole body health.

Walking for Health Part 1



It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that exercise is the universal antidote for pretty much all that ails ya. I read recently that people who exercise see and hear better than people who don’t…go figure. Realistically, finding time in life to do it is a challenge for a lot of people. Working 8-9 hours a day with 60 minutes of commuting can make getting to the gym tough. Then there is also the expense associated with and gym membership and/or equipment expenses. As far as I’m concerned one of the most convenient as well as inexpensive means of exercising is walking… get home put on your walking shoes and head out the door. Over this blog series I want to mention a few obvious benefits of walking and some you may not have thought of.

               Walking has been proven to ease joint pain. Several studies have found that walking does reduce joint pain specifically related to arthritis. Walking distances of only 5-6 miles a week can prevent the formation of arthritis in the first place. The way walking helps the joints and this is especially true in the knee and hip is that the movement serves to lubricate the joint making the two joint surfaces glide easier over each other. Walking also strengthens the muscles around the joint. This creates better joint stability. The less play or wiggle room in any joint the less of a chance of forming bone arthritis.

               More next time.

                                             Dr. Z.


Part 2:

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Diet Myths Part 1



With spring time right around the corner there is a noticeable emphasis within media circles, whatever your platform may be regarding weight loss. I get questioned on weight loss issues consistently. If they don’t I bring it up to a patient where excessive weight, a high BMI, is contributing to their joint pain. Over the years I hear/read things about weight loss I assume to be true if for no other reason I’ve heard them repeatedly.
A recent trend in healthcare is for providers to use “best practice methods” to treat their patients. One would assume this has been the case for eons. Not so. Best practice methods are those substantiated by science as being clinically and well as cost effective. A doctor may think what they are doing is best approach based on their past experience, and I’ve been guilty of this, but the scientific literature says there is a better, cheaper way. Such is the case with 4 weight loss myths I thought were fact when in reality that’s not the case.
Over the next two blogs I’m going to talk about these common misconceptions and in 3 of the 4 cases provide the link to the scientific article that substantiates the claim that calls into question the dieting myth. Warning, do not read scientific articles while driving or operating heavy machinery since they have been known to cause drowsiness.

Your local chiropractor,

Dr. Z

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 Part Two:

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