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Sleeping Posture Part 2

The goal of proper sleeping posture is to keep your body neutral. This means when you’re in an ideal sleeping posture there should be minimal stress on the joints of the neck, back and pelvis. This is the sweet spot where you’re not bent too far forward nor backward and not bent to the side or twisted too much to one way or the other. Regarding the neck, recall the blog about selecting the proper pillow. Those same rules still apply here.

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) recommends two positions for sleeping posture, laying on your back or your side. The ACA in their policy statement says sleeping on your back is best when you are experiencing back pain. I take exception to this, based on 30 plus years of having people tell what works for them when they have back pain. My opinion is that side sleeping can get work just as well. With either position my thought is to sleep in the postion where you are the most comfortable and get the best night’s sleep.

When sleeping on your back keep your legs straight and about shoulder width apart. If you’re experiencing sciatica which is often times the result of a pinched nerve in your low back, putting a pillow under your knees is helpful in this situation. The pillow should elevate your both knees off the mattress 6-12 inches.

Next up the ins and outs of sleeping on your side.

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